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Smoking Cessation You Can Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Use hypnosis to stop smoking without gaining weight! You can stop smoking for good! Thousands and thousands of people across the country have quit smoking using hypnosis.

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Our educative component helps you to replace the smoking habit with good positive behaviors. These good behaviors help you to take advantage of the time you used to spend smoking.

Can You Lose Weight With Hypnosis? Yes Hypnosis Is the Answer!

Loose Weight with Hypnosis

We probably do more weight loss sessions than any other issue, and it seems that most of these clients are coming in by referral.

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The reason most people fail at weight loss is that the approach that they use is just too simplistic. Dieting alone will end in failure for most people.

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End Insomnia And Sleep Soundly Every Night Insomnia Quickly & Easily Treated With Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

Overcome Insomnia with Hypnosis

Insomnia is one of the easiest conditions to treat with hypnosis. In fact causing someone to fall asleep while in hypnosis so easy it can be a concern to Professional Hypnotists!

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At Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. we are simply amazed that anyone would have trouble sleeping!

Medical Applications Medical Uses of Hypnosis

Medical Uses of Hypnosis

At Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, we work under physician referral and supervision for conditions of a medical nature.

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At Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, we usually make the contact with your physician and get the medical referral.

Get Over Your Fears Yes! We Can Help You To Quickly Get Over Your Fears

Get Over Fears with Hypnosis

Not every professional hypnotist is successful in working fears and phobias. However our hypnosis professionals all have advanced hypnosis training in working with fears and phobias.

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It is a simple process that takes only a few sessions when you are working with a hypnosis professional trained in 5-PATH®

Improve Confidence, Performance, Motivation, Concentration, & Test Taking Our professional hypnotists are trained at helping you to be more successful

Improve Confidence, Performance, Motivation, Concentration, & Test Taking

Hypnosis done with properly trained hypnosis professionals is exactly what you need to improve your performance, motivation, concentration, confidence, test taking ability, and other top performance issues.

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Your hypnosis professional will work one-on-one with you to learn exactly what you want to achieve, and then work with you using the most advanced hypnosis techniques available

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Imagine taking back control

Overcome Drug and Alcohol Abuse

We are different in our approach because we work directly with where the problem exists, in the habit and emotional centers of the subconscious mind. We work by reducing and then eliminating the internal drive to abuse alcohol or drugs.

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Hypnosis, particularly the 5-PATH® approach to doing hypnosis can be effective when every other kind of approach has failed.

Hypnosis and Habit Breaking

With hypnosis your hypnotist can lead you into a much better response to these habits.

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7th path Self Hypnosis

The 7th Path™ is a new form of self-improvement. It combines the effectiveness of self-hypnosis, meditation and prayer.

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