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Hypnosis and Habit Breaking

Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and More

Every day at The Hypnosis Center our hypnotists are helping people just like you to take back control of their lives by breaking frustrating habits.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Tired of being bullied around by the cigarette habit? Tried to quit on your own and just couldn't manage it? Perhaps you became too cranky or anxious. Perhaps your family begged you to start smoking again!  Or, maybe you managed to stay off the cigarettes only to watch yourself gain weight! Then started again, just to keep off the pounds.

Two Phase Approach

Here at The Hypnosis Center we recognize that persistent habits, the ones that you are unable to change on your own, generally have two parts. First, there is the habit component to the behavior. By this we mean that through time the behavior, be it nail biting, smoking or even snacking, can be associated with other non-related activities.

For example, the smoker associates smoking with relaxing, or waking up in the morning. The nail biter associates chewing on his or her nails with watching television or worrying. The snacker associates eating with boredom or relaxation. Of course the list of associations can go on and on.

Secondly, most stubborn habits have an emotional component. This is what makes some habits really difficult to break.

Hypnosis Deals with Unconscious Factors

Hypnosis is very effective in breaking these unconscious associations. In fact hypnosis is ideal for this kind of work. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to deal directly with the unconscious level of the mind.

End Compulsive Eating or Smoking

The problem goes something like this. Lets say that you eat as a way of handling emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger, guilt, boredom, loneliness or depression. When you quit the snacking in response to emotions, through sheer will power, over time the will power fades, while the unmanaged emotion is still there or may have even become stronger. Take boredom or loneliness, the longer you go without satisfying the feeling the more bored or lonely you become, so eventually the desire to eat, or smoke, or whatever, becomes so emotionally packed that you lose control.  Read more about hypnosis and weight loss by clicking here.

Hypnotic Approach Means Lasting Change

With hypnosis, your hypnotist can lead you into a much better response to these emotions. You see, food or smoking, or whatever, really doesn't satisfy the feeling, it only distracts you from the feeling for a brief period, then the feeling, yet unsatisfied comes back again, driving you toward the same self-destructive behavior. Your professional hypnotist will help you make the connection, consciously and subconsciously between the feeling and a more satisfying response, which then is self-reinforcing. Then you are free.

Because habits usually have at least two components, we recommend that you expect to have at least two hypnosis sessions, a minimum of one for the breaking of the associations, and a minimum of one session to redirect the behavior toward something more satisfying. For example, feel bored? Do something fun, interesting or have a growth experience.

If you have any questions about how The Hypnosis Center can help you succeed in making some really meaningful changes in your life. Give us a call our staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions.

Most issues are handled in four or six sessions.

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