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How To End Phobias, Anxiety & Panic - E-book

How To End Phobias, Anxiety and Panic E-book


Now available in eBook formats:

Most fears are learned. Some of these are useful, e.g., the fear of touching a hot saucepan. Other fears appear to not be useful; such fears are considered irrational. We know them as phobias.

A phobia is an anxiety about a person, place or thing, which:

Now, with Dr Knight's new e-book, you can free yourself from phobia (and the anxiety and panic attacks that often accompany the fear).

Here are some of the contents of this unique e-book:

Top 10 phobias

  1. Spiders (arachnophobia)

  2. People/social situations (social phobia)

  3. Flying (aerophobia)

  4. Open spaces (agoraphobia)

  5. Confined spaces (claustrophobia)

  6. Vomiting (emetophobia)

  7. Heights (acrophobia)

  8. Cancer (cancerophobia)

  9. Thunderstorms (brontophobia)

  10. Death (necrophobia)

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