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Instant & Rapid Inductions for the Professional Video Set

Instant & Rapid Inductions for the Professional Video Set

Calvin D. Banyan will teach you how to successfully perform these fast and efficient hypnotic inductions so that you can create deep levels of hypnosis in only a couple of minutes (Elman-Banyan Induction) or even in seconds!


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You can be more effective using these inductions by creating the kind of levels of hypnosis the pros create in just two minutes using the modernized version of the Elman induction or even faster using these very fast rapid and instant inductions.

Imagine how much more effective your hypnosis sessions would be when you can create deep levels of hypnosis in a matter of seconds!

Here is what he covers in this live class, professionally captured on video:

Here Is What You Get

As you watch this live class you can "sit in" and learn these secrets of using these fast, effective professional inductions. On this video program, Calvin Banyan explains how these really fast inductions work and how to use them. When you learn these inductions, you join the ranks of some of the best hypnotists.

Call them instant, rapid or speed inductions, one thing is for sure, these inductions really work. They get your clients to the depth of hypnosis that you need to achieve to be consistently successful. These very fast hypnotic inductions achieve deep hypnosis (somnambulism) and leave you with time to do the work of hypnotic suggestion, age regression, forgiveness work, parts work, or whatever your client needs.

On this course you will see Mr. Banyan demonstrate and explain each induction as well as demonstrate some of the phenomena that can be created using these inductions such as eye catalepsy, arm catalepsy, amnesia, analgesia and a brief example of hypnotic age regression.

Preparing Your Clients for Success by Using an Excellent Pre-Talk

Mr. Banyan starts this class off by explaining how a little bit of preparation can go a long way to improving your success, no matter what kind of hypnotic inductions you choose to use in your practice. He will explain the essential components of doing a really effective hypnosis pre-talk.

Assessing Readiness for Hypnosis

How do you know if your inductions are going to work? Wouldn't it be great if there was a very simple way to determine when your client is ready to go into hypnosis? There is, and Mr. Banyan will explain how to use this very simple technique that will make you more successful!

The Modern Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction (Deep Hypnosis In Two Minutes!)

In his best selling hypnosis book (coauthored with Gerald F. Kein), Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional, Mr. Banyan rewrites the famous Elman Rapid Hypnotic Induction. In this class on video, he updates it further and takes time to tell you how to make this time tested hypnotic induction more reliable. If you have been looking for a way to start using rapid inductions in your hypnosis practice, there is no better place to start than with this very smart and effective hypnotic induction. The Elman-Banyan induction is designed to take your clients into somnambulism in about 2 minutes or less.

Banyan Blast-Off Induction (Deep Hypnosis in about 30 seconds!

The fun and effective Banyan Blast-Off Induction is one that is not only very effective with adults but children love it too. Mr. Banyan originally designed this induction for demonstration purposes but it was so fun and effective that he soon integrated it into his sessions. Those that have trained with Mr. Banyan in his certification courses say that it is one of their favorites. When you see this on video it will probably make you smile. It is fun, fast and very effective.

Eye-Lock Instant Induction (Deep Hypnosis in about 15 seconds!)

This is another induction that Mr. Banyan originally used for demonstrations and found its way into everyday hypnosis sessions. This induction is unique in that it is especially useful when you are working with someone that may not be willing to follow instructions. It will show your client how important it is that he or she follow your instructions and let them know that you know when they are not. This can turn the difficult client into a very cooperative one. Another unique feature of this induction is that it convinces your client that he or she is in hypnosis first, and then you give them a quick little "surprise" and they instantly go into deep hypnosis.

The Eight Word Hypnotic Induction (Deep Hypnosis In 4 Seconds!)

This really fast induction came about while Mr. Banyan was teaching his NGH Hypnosis Certification Courses and 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnosis Certification Courses. He was teaching the Dave Elman Hand Drop Induction and it was just taking too long to do and too long to teach! Even though that induction took less than a minute to do, he thought "What if I could make this even faster and simpler?" The result was the Eight Word Induction! Like all the inductions on this video, it is very effective, only much faster than the ones listed above. Mr. Banyan teaches that, all things being equal, the shorter the induction the more reliable it is, there is simply less time for anything to go wrong! Learn it and you will love it.

Instant Hypnosis by Post-Hypnotic Suggestion (Deep Hypnosis in 2 Seconds!)

All of the inductions described above are perfect for first sessions, and of course work even better when you use them a second or more times in subsequent sessions with the same client. If you routinely see clients for more than one session, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could learn how to give them a hypnotic suggestion in the first session that will instantly induce a deep level of hypnosis in subsequent session! What a time saver this has been for the hypnotist that have learned how to do induce hypnosis by post-hypnotic suggestion. Imagine only taking about 2 seconds to re-hypnotize your client in all your subsequent sessions. Now, that is a super efficient time saver.

Affect Induced Age Regression Inductions (Deep Hypnosis in 0 Seconds!!)

As stated above, Mr. Banyan teaches that the shorter the induction, the more reliable it will be. So, following that thought, an induction that takes zero seconds to perform must be the most reliable of all! Mr. Banyan will demonstrate this induction on an actual client. This is a specialized induction that is especially useful if you conduct hypnotic age regression sessions (or would like to). He will show you how to bring up the emotions (affect) associated with the issue that you are working on with your client and how to instantly turn that emotion into a Affect Bridge Age Regression! This is an amazing thing to watch. It's real and it works! Be one of the few hypnotherapists that have ever seen this induction conducted and then learn how to do it your self.

Excellent! I'm happy to know so many different instant inductions. Martha Sofio, M.S.N, Certified Hypnotherapist

I was happy to learn new and quick inductions, especially the Banyan Blast-Off Induction! Cal is a very articulate speaker who explains the how and why of each step is done. Judith Rodenhiser, Certified Hypnotherapist

Powerful! I can take it and use what I learned with confidence. This alters my previous Ericksonian training. Thomas R. Butler, M.Div., M.S., Certified Hypnotherapist

Cal is a wonderful teacher. These tools for instant induction can only help the hypnotherapist to become more efficient in their work with their clients. I appreciated learning the theory behind the method. Kathleen Skott-Myhre, M.A., Certified Hypnotherapist

Very clear explanation of the inductions, timing and when its' best to use them. Tracy Blair, B.S., Certified Hypnotherapist

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