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What is 5-PATH®?

5-PATH® Hypnosis Charter Member

Some professional hypnotists have undergone advanced hypnosis training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnosis. These hypnosis professionals are among some of the most advanced hypnotists with whom you can work. Training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnosis allows the professional hypnotist to go far beyond what most hypnotists can do in a hypnosis session. Here is a quick outline of how these highly trained hypnosis professionals differentiate themselves from all of the rest:

We hope that this additional information about 5-PATH® Hypnosis has been useful for you. When you work with a 5-PATH® Certified Professional Hypnotist you are working with one of the best trained hypnosis professionals in the world.

If you have any further questions about 5-PATH®, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, or training in the field of hypnosis, please contact our office. We understand that you may have questions. Call us today at 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390.

Learn more about why 5-PATH® hypnosis professionals rave about it.

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