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"Professional Hypnotist" or "Hypnotherapist" What is the Difference?

It can be confusing! But really there is no difference. Some hypnosis professionals call themselves hypnotists and others call themselves hypnotherapists, but in the real world the title does not indicate a difference in background, education or qualification. At least that is the case in the USA. Other countries may have more specific standards, but in the USA we can safely use the two terms interchangeably, except where in some States a particular title may be mandated so as not to confuse the hypnotist with a psychologist.

Upon graduation from the Banyan Super-Course you can use either designation, unless you practice in a state where the title of "hypnotherapist" is restricted. I recommend that hypnosis professionals use one of the titles below:

Typically, our grads show their credentials in their signature as in the following examples:

Your NGH certificate can either indicate that you are a "Hypnotist" or "Consulting Hypnotist". It is your choice. Either way you will have a credential that is recognized around the world, and the best training you can get!

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