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Yes! We Can Help You And No Reinforcement Tapes Needed!

No Reinforcement Tapes Needed

No we don’t make you listen to tapes, CDs and other recorded audio programs, not at our office and certainly not at home! That is the old way. Now much better and more modern hypnosis techniques are available.

In the “olden days” it was pretty much standard practice to require that hypnotism clients go home and dutifully listen to recorded hypnosis sessions on records, tapes or more recently CDs. Why would professional hypnotists do that? Because the work that they did in the office was insufficient! You were required to compensate for the fact that they were using techniques that required constant reinforcement to work. Here are just two of the main problems with that approach: it is so inconvenient and most people won’t do it, so the process fails in the long run.

Now hypnosis professional trained and certified in modern techniques, the one’s contained in 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® do not need to do that kind of reinforcement work. Because 5-PATH® works at a much deeper level you can expect longer lasting, even permanent results without use of such reinforcement techniques.

In addition to that, you have the option of learning self-hypnosis as you work with your professional hypnotist so that you can use hypnosis afterward to work on any issue that is important to you, and improve your life.

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