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Pre-Talk - Truth About Hypnosis DVD

Pre-Talk - Truth About Hypnosis DVD


Our hypnotists have hypnotized thousands of clients at our center, and no matter which hypnotist the new client sees for hypnosis, we prepare them for the hypnosis session with Cal's special pre-talk video entitled, The Truth About Hypnosis.

This DVD is designed to make you more successful with your clients by making them more suggestible. Professional hypnotists know that anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized once the major common fears and misconceptions about hypnosis has been removed. The Truth About Hypnosis does just that by informing your client about hypnosis in a very professional manner!

This video program was designed to provide hypnosis clients with the information that they need in order to have a successful hypnosis session. Most professional hypnotists will agree that fear about hypnosis inhibits a client's ability to enter in to this safe and natural state of mind. So in this video, Calvin D. Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH, allows you and your clients in on all the information needed to feel comfortable with entering into the hypnotic state and benefiting from the hypnotic techniques and procedures provided.

This kind of program is called a "hypnosis pre-talk" which most professionals agree greatly increases the probability of a successful hypnosis session. As such it should be routinely provided to each and every client.

So it doesn't matter if you are thinking about using hypnosis, or if you are a hypnotist who regularly sees clients there is not a better way to help to ensure success with hypnosis than starting off with this useful information.

This video program, The Truth About Hypnosis, prepares your client by covering the following information:

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