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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Overcome Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Hypnosis, particularly the 5-PATH® approach to doing hypnosis can be effective when every other kind of approach has failed. In fact, our average drug or alcohol abuse clients typically have tried everything else, including long term, live in treatment centers. They have spent huge amounts of money only to find limited or temporary relief.

We are different in our approach because we work directly with where the problem exists, in the habit and emotional centers of the subconscious mind. We work by reducing and then eliminating the internal drive to abuse alcohol or drugs. 5-PATH® is a systematic approach that only hypnotists with this advanced certification can provide.

Imagine taking back control. Imagine no longer being controlled by the desire or drive to abuse alcohol or drugs and being free to live your life without all that frustration. This kind of work is accomplished at a much lower cost than other kinds of traditional treatment programs.

We are not a medical or psychological treatment center. We do not label you with a diagnosis that can stick to you for a life time, or become a "self-fulfilling prophecy". Our experience has showed us that you can change at the subconscious level and start feeling good again relatively quickly. Most of our clients get results in about 8 sessions, some less and some more.

Everyone is different. Your history is different, your personality is different, and your problem is different from others who have had difficulties with alcohol and drug abuse. We do not try and fit you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Each session that you have with one of our certified 5-PATH® Professional Hypnotist is unique and customized to your situation. Quite often our clients feel so good after their experience at the Banyan Hypnosis Center that they find it hard to believe that the problem was so big.

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