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Yes! You Get Real Hypnosis, and No, You Don't Have To Use Silly Blinking Glasses or Listen to Canned "Hypnosis" Sessions

No Headphones and Silly Blinking Glasses

Have you ever seen those advertisements where someone is supposed to be undergoing hypnosis and wearing those silly dark glasses that go blink, blink, blink, while you listen to some canned “hypnosis” session on tape, or from a computer or something? At first it looks so technical, and “space aged” doesn’t it? “High Tech” doesn’t always mean good or effective. If you needed medical work, or help from a counselor, or even a coach, would some recorded session be your first choice? Not if you want real results that you can depend on.

It seems that these blinking glasses and headphones are a passing phase, but some “hypnotists” still use them. Why? I can’t think of a single good reason. And, there are two big problems with this approach…

First, like I said, can a canned, one-size-fits-all approach be the very best thing for you? Of course not. The best results is always obtained from working with a professional that can take a number of variables into account. A real hypnosis professional will want to hear about the history of the issue. Find out what you have tried in the past. He or she would need to find out what has and has not worked for you in the past. Then you should get a custom designed session. Then that session should be followed up by continually customized sessions that take into account your preferences, and the results you are obtaining from the suggestions and techniques being use.

Secondly, there is no way to ensure that you have reached any level of hypnosis when you receive your session by way of some kind of glasses with blinking lights in them. The best hypnosis profession, what we call Hypno-1%’ers, the best of the best, do all of the above (customize each session, etc.) and use advanced techniques to take you to just the right level of hypnosis for the work that you will be doing in that session. Then, and this is very important, he or she will run a series of test to confirm that you are in that level of hypnosis before any hypnotic suggestions are given, or any hypnotic work is done.

When you come in to work with our hypnosis professional, you will always receive one-to-one, confidential and customized sessions. We will ensure that you have been hypnotized, or we will not proceed to do the rest of the work. That is why we get unsurpassed results and why people come from all over the world to see our hypnosis professionals.

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