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"One thought just kept ringing through my mind the entire time I was taking this course; "WOW this is so much better than I expected." The class covered so much material in such a short time, yet it was presented in a way that was easy to follow and really made learning easy. The manuals that go along with the course are going to be a fantastic reference for the future. I just can?t imagine how it could ever get any better than this." Gregory J. Gay, Blades, DE

"This course has given me a very insightful information on hypnosis, especially 5-PATH® which had indeed made some changes in my thinking and feeling even though it was just a mere two weeks. Cal D. Banyan had been so willing to answer any of our questions and doubts. I am grateful to Cal D. Banyan for the tools that I will forever carry with me for the rest of my life." Chew Ting, Vaneta, Singapore

"The course is amazing! The course 5-PATH ® is amazing and powerful tool . Moreover, it was so easy to use and apply it. I enjoyed the course very much! I will definitely recommend the course to my friends." Eldhi Yandi, Indonesia

"Very compact the pure essence of hypnotherapy packed with a helicopter view of all possibility in the area of mind, body, and wellness. It opens up a small window into the infinite through a multi approach done in a systematic way." Tan Shek Lee, Singapore

"Intensive, dynamic, thought-provoking, transformational... There was no time to get bored and there was this insatiable appetite and desire for more. Thank you for this empowering experience." Ruby Pardiwalla, Seychelles

"I expected this to be a course of hypnotism and I expected it to be very well taught as it had been recommended by my friend...The course surpassed my expectations. The course was information-packed on hypnotism, but more than that, we went on our inner journey of self-realization and healing and thus freeing us up to grow, feel and learn more with complete clarity. I wholly recommend this course." Kerry Anne Chan, United Kingdom

"It goes beyond what I can imagine can me cramped into such a short time. The program is insightful and experienced. The methodical approach of "drilling" know-how till it's "in the muscle" is just right." Pete Tan, Singapore

"For anyone who is still considering whether to take this course: Run for it! It is more than life transforming and it saves souls." Sorenza Lim, Singapore

"The course provides excellent insights. It definitely gave me more than I expected." Choo Yuan Yee, Singapore

"This course is something that I never expected in such a way that it is life changing." Mariel Kristine T. Rubia, Manila, Philippines

"Wonderful experience! Thank you!" Wilson Yuk Tar Sheng, Singapore

"Cal's practical approach to doing hypnosis is refreshing and enriching!" Fauziah Shah, Singapore

"A very informative and highly recommended course; Cal, is every students dream teacher. I would love to do this repeatedly." Juliana Theresa Dorai, Singapore

"I would certainly introduce this course to anyone who wants to be a hypnotist." Victoria Grace, Singapore

"This was a powerful class. I took this course to gain confidence as a hypnotist. Not only did I gain confidence but also the course itself superseded my expectations." Karla Hermann, Belgium, WI

"After working with several methods, I finally have a structured approach that works miracles." Sylvia Eichmann, Switzerland

"Brilliant! This training is by far the best investment I?ve make in myself since becoming a professional hypnotist 4 years ago." Phillip Dickerson, Plano, TX

"I received great information and instructions from this class about what works best for clients to transform and work through their issues." Beth Barish, Huntington Beach, CA

"Thank you so much for making me a better hypnotist! I was very impressed by the level of organization and spirit of professionalism. The quality of the educations and training is truly exceptional. This course is highly recommended and should be required as part of the advanced training of all aspiring hypnotherapist." Scott Pearlman, MD, New York, NY

"Most excellent- A major overhaul of the practitioner and hypnosis skills set." Chuck Pommer, Plano, TX

"The course was awesome; the systematic way 5-PATH® is put together is very well designed. Any true practitioner in helping and healing arts (especially hypnosis) will make quantum leaps in success. Age regression to the initial sensitizing event is the key. What you do after getting to the ISE is really, what this course is all about." Thomas N. Taylor, Nixa, MO

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"I really enjoyed the course. You will be surprised at what you learn. Enjoy the ride!" Mark Bollay, Mission Viejo, CA

"Received more than I ever could imagine. 5-PATH® was structured, well taught and hands on practice gave confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Manjeet Kaur, Selangor, Malaysia

"The course was harder than I had anticipated. However, the knowledge was amazing. I am so glad that I went through the course." Linda Bollay, Mission Viejo, CA

"We learned far more than I could imagine... I only recommend this class to people who are very serious about learning how to do the best possible hypnosis work with their clients." Scott Babb, Merrimack, NH

"I have leaned so many things more than I thought I would. I only went to this training to be a Certified Hypnotherapist but I had so much more. The most important thing I have gained and learned and very much thankful for was when I learned to know about myself. I believe and I know I was meant to be here and I am so blessed for the training. I know that to be able to be more effective in helping others is to know yourself first and all your potentials and capabilities and I now know that I?d be able to help more and touch more lives because of the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Thank you very much." Johanna Paula B. Nombreda, Manila, Philippines

"The course is beyond informative! I learned basic to advanced hypnotherapy efficiently and effectively. I learned, I practiced, and I learn more - a cycle built for success in hypnotherapy. In totality, the course is not only for developing your skills and improving your knowledge in hypnotherapy, but also for programming your LIFE for SUCCESS!" Reuben D.R. Nuval, Manila, Philippines

"Excellent programs. Provided structure, education and professionalism. I will continue to incorporate 5-PATH® in my professional career." Carolee Rada, Boston, MA

"A totally fulfilling experience. Totally professional from start to finish? A total insight into how hypnosis and hypnotherapy should be taught. I feel personally I have learned so much that I?m confident I can open my practice straight away." Bobby Herdman, Belfast, Ireland

"Easily the most comprehensive, plus well structured training program I have attended in the last twenty years. Without a doubt this training efficiently and effectively bridges the theory- practice. Well done!" Gerry Feeney, Sligo, Ireland

"I found 5-PATH®, all that I had hope it would be, plus more. It was a lot if information given in a short time. I would feel confident that I will be able to bring positive changes to many people in circumstances too numerous to mention." Georgina Edleskon-Cooke (Holland), Montego Bay, Jamaica

"Cal Banyan is a master teacher, who has created quality materials. I have taken numerous courses in college, graduate school, and workshops; I am thrilled that I took this course and got more than my money's worth." Lynn Arnold

"Tops! One of the Best investments I have made. 5 PATH® put depth, and clarity to make my hypnotherapy practice super effective and well consistently yielding excellent results." Kim Bradford Bothwell

"I feel very confident that I am ready to help people make changes in their lives." Sue Grohn

"This was an unforgettable experience that has changed the way I think about hypnosis and psychotherapy. I realize now that hypnotherapy is what I was meant to do in order to help clients more efficiently and effectively. I intend to get started right away." Gabrielle Rodriguez

"I have been teaching and educating adults for over 30 years. Covering a wide spectrum of training modalities. The use of interactive training is in my opinion by far most effective. However, a well designed course structure is also a must for an effective transfer of learning. Cal Banyan's Advanced Hypnotherapy Training is absolutely phenomenal in content and presentation and insight and most importantly the student immediately applies theory to practice. Cal has integrated complex theory into easy practical and understandable terms that any student with common sense will understand. First Class all the way!" G. Michael Schmidt

"I Enjoyed the course. 5 PATH® was absolutely terrific. I can't wait to apply what I have learned. Thanks and well done." Mitch Nielsen

"This was a great course that exceeded my expectations. The content was excellent, very well organized and presented." John Kane, Albany, NY

"One of the few classes I have attended that I feel I got more than my money's worth! The time flew by... I have taken hypnosis classes before and we got a lot of practice in this class along with the other information we needed. I was looking for a system. I knew there had to be one out there. I found the website - talked to a graduate and got excited." Delia Wall, Kingwood, TX

"I really recommend you take this class. ?Wow? Your career and life style will become greater and that makes you feel who you are!!" Akiko Nakajima, Laguna, CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I would very highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of hypnotherapy. Cal has designed an extremely effective and efficient method to teach an incredible amount of information in a very short time. I look forward to putting what I've learned into use." Aimee Lee, Berkely, CA

"This has been one of the most informative (and fun) classes I've ever taken. The information was presented clearly and concisely. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in really learning about hypnosis." Suzanna Pointer, Humble, TX

"Creative, funny, informative, ultimately professional and life changing. Satisfied (and exceeded) my expectations, desires and needs. Thank you." Clare Lewis, BS (Hons), LLB, BARR, DHP, London, UK

"5-PATH has been a quantum leap in therapeutic possibilities." Lynda Panter, D. Hyp, MBSCH, Gosport, UK

"This is the best course I?ve done to advance my knowledge in hypnotherapy and advance my personal growth from a self development perspective." Janice Manson, RN, MN, London, UK

"This is one of the best courses I have attended for professional development as a Therapist. I was already a qualified hypnotherapist and Calvin Banyan's approach to this training is commendable. He is passionate about his subject and this comes across with sincerity and congruency. His model has embellished and challenged my map of therapy and I am grateful to him for his enthusiasm. He is the very real thing as a compassionate therapist, lots to admire & learn from. Many thanks. If you want to get down to some real hands on hypnotherapy work, this is a great place to start. A great combination of practice (that works), instruction and experiential learning." Peter Salisbury, London, UK

"5-PATH encapsulates all the depth and the wisdom that I now need to serve my clients to the standard that I have always aspired to. For that, I am most grateful." Christine Neillands, London, UK

"The manner and organization of the class allows for full absorption of massive information. The material in the manual is extremely effective in leading a practitioner on a step by step process through 5-PATH. The class is invaluable, pleasurable and essential to all who want to become powerfully effective as a hypnotherapist." Jennifer Wong, CH, California, USA

"Insightful, educational, inspiring, revealing, questioning, taxing, rewarding, enjoyable." Andrew Bendefy, St. Albans, UK

"A fabulous mixture of the practical and the inspirational. I?d thought there may be more to working with hypnosis, but didn?t suspect just how much! I?ve learned some effective new techniques, but more importantly, a powerful new system with which to help clients. I feel grateful that I heard about this training, and have very much enjoyed it." Sian Schofield, BA, PGCE, DHP, Manchester, UK

"Skills I've learned can benefit, not only a clinical population, but are useful in everyday experience. Course content comes alive at the hands of a master teacher. Thanks." Cory Davis, Psy.D.- Missoula, Montana (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)

"I believe that the information given and techniques I have been taught in this course are the most valuable tool I have ever received to use to assist people in their healing process. Although challenging and occasionally even scary, the course was always inspiring, exciting, and exceedingly well taught. Thank you for the wisdom and the laughs." Rosanne Steinhart, RN - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Nurse)

"The class is clear and a lot of good, interesting information is given in an understandable way. It surprised me how much can be achieved in 2-5 hypnotherapy sessions--more powerful than conventional counseling. Great class! Very worthwhile." Jennifer J. Braun, MS - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Counselor)

"The class was very interesting and informative; I feel like I obtained a good base of knowledge about hypnosis and good practice in hypnotizing people. The instructor was very knowledgeable and is an excellent practitioner of his craft." Tracy Nelson-Bungert, RN - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Nurse)

"This class was very well organized and presented in a logical and understandable manner. I was challenged to go beyond my normal thought processes and expand my consciousness. This was an excellent course! The instructor was very positive and skillful in his approach to the material. I know that I will be able to incorporate this course into my current and future nursing practice. I would highly recommend this course." Kris Hodson, RN, BSN - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Nurse)

"I was/am so impressed with the contents of this course and how it is presented. I am certain I will be able to use them to begin a rewarding career in helping others." Michelle Langlinais - Hutchinson, MN (Owner of Willow Tree Hypnotherapy Center)

"The training I received here was very informative. The answers to questions I been looking for, for years have been found in this course! It has been very insightful and I will use it in my everyday life for the rest of my life." Larry A. Jackson - Duluth, MN (Business Owner)

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