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What is 5-PATH® and Why Is It So Special?

Yes, you can be more successful in life in just about every way. You can overcome bad habits, increase motivation, have a better memory, be more disciplined, be happier, and get into shape, thanks to two systems now available to you, and provided by specially trained hypnosis professionals.

The 7th Path is a powerful technique for self-hypnosis and reprogramming of one's subconscious mind. I am amazed by the effectiveness of the 5-PATH approach in Hypnotherapy. Calvin Banyan is the greatest trainer I have come across in my life. He is a true and genuine role model of what he was teaching. Adnan Abdullah, Dip. in School-based Counseling, Retired School Principle, Certified Hypnotherapist – Singapore

The two systems are 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. This article answers the question, “What is 5-PATH® and why is it so special?” You will need to go to another source to learn about the very exciting and revolutionary new kind of self-hypnosis named 7th Path™, the insight inducing mind-body-approach to reaching your own highest potential.

My name is Cal Banyan, I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology and I used to be a psychotherapist. I have now moved beyond all of that and specialize exclusively in the use of hypnosis to bring about rapid success. To make a long story short, I was frustrated with the length of time it took to help people using psychological techniques, and often found them totally ineffective, especially when dealing with normal every day people, who want to make significant life changing improvements in their lives. That is when I began studying some of the most powerful methods available to the modern hypnotist. Out of that work and a desire to develop a system that would produce highly effective and reliable results for anyone trained in the system, for a broad range of issues. The result is 5-PATH®.

5-PATH® is an acronym for the true name of the process, Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis™. In it I blend the best of psychology and hypnosis.

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The roots of 5-PATH® can be traced back to the best known in psychology, medicine and professional hypnotism, including its earliest influences, the “Father of Hypnotism”, Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, as well as one of the greatest pioneers in the science of psychology such as Dr. Ivan Pavlov. In more modern times we have the psychological scientist, Dr. B. F. Skinner, as well as the renowned hypnotists, Dave Elman, Harry Arons, Gil Boyne, Charles Tebbits, Gerald F. Kein, and others, the former all well known in the science of psychology, and the latter in the profession of hypnotism.

Up until recently, the use of hypnosis for helping people attain their goals was divided among two camps, those in the medical/psychological professions, and those who specialized in hypnosis. I started out in the first group and now live more productively in the second. Now after conducting thousands of sessions, and supervising those who have conducted thousands more, I am confident in saying that 5-PATH® is the most advanced system of hypnotism for personal change in the world. Why is it so special?

Hypnosis professionals who have studied the system rave about it.

I found 5-PATH®, all that I had hope it would be, plus more. Georgina Edleskon-Cooke (Holland), Montego Bay, Jamaica

"Tops! one of the Best investments I have made. 7th Path™ went way beyond expectations. - 5 PATH® put depth, and clarity to make my hypnotherapy practice super effective and well consistently yielding excellent results." Kim Bradford Bothwell, USA

5 PATH® was absolutely terrific! Thanks and well done." Mitch Nielsen, USA

5-PATH has been a quantum leap in therapeutic possibilities. 7th Path was a surprise, a powerful tool for personal transformation and a wonderful compliment to 5-PATH practice. The power of 7th Path is phenomenal. Cal is an inspirational teacher, it is a joy to be in class.” Lynda Panter, D. Hyp, MBSCH, Gosport, UK

5-PATH® is special because it incorporates the most powerful tools available to the modern hypnosis professional and arranges them in such a way as to increase the effectiveness of each component of the system. It is an optimization of what works, and it is criteria based. That is, they hypnotist using the system is able to apply these advanced hypnotic techniques to a wide variety of issues. This increases both the effectiveness of the hypnotic tool, and also its reliability. This means that each client is able to get more results more quickly than any other system. In fact, as far as I know, there is no other recognized system of hypnosis. 5-PATH® is the only system of hypnotism ever recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and has been officially installed as a Special Interest Group by that world-wide organization of over 10,000 members.

Since this is a system, and can be taught, supervised, evaluated, and contributed to by others, it is an ever improving system, which has been tested and the results validated. Literally thousands of people around the world have benefited by working with 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotists. These highly trained hypnosis professionals are among the most highly trained and qualified hypnotists in the world.

No hypnotist who has ever trained in 5-PATH® would ever settle for anything less than 5-PATH® when seeking hypnosis services for either him or herself, or a member of their families. They know that 5-PATH® trained hypnotists get results when others do not.

By adding 7th Path to 5-PATH, Cal has created a program where not only do you learn the tools to change others, but by the end of the training you have changed yourself. It’s 10 times more powerful than anything else that’s out there!”
Barry Neale, Ph. D,  Essex, UK

So, when you are seeking hypnosis services, you should only accept a 5-PATH® hypnosis practitioner. When seeking hypnosis services, ask if the hypnotist is 5-PATH® certified. If you are not sure, call our office and we can validate whether or not an individual is a 5-PATH® Professional in good standing. Our telephone numbers are 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390.

More rave reviews of 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®…

The elegance of the 5-PATH & 7th Path techniques brings together a lot of what I know, together with a lot I wasn’t aware of, honed to only that which is most effective. It is inspired and inspiring – as is Calvin Banyan, the creator. The two techniques in concert provide a wonderfully complete and rounded process. It is like being an architect and finding the perfect building materials that won’t crack or crumble. Once built, with all the pieces in place, there stands a beautiful structure – able to deal with wind, rain & natural disaster. Helen Craven, MA(RCA), DCH, Kingsland Basin, UK

A fabulous mixture of the practical and the inspirational. I’d thought there may be more to working with hypnosis, but didn’t suspect just how much! I’ve learned some effective new techniques, but more importantly, a powerful new system with which to help clients. Both 5-PATH and 7th Path will be indispensable in my practice – and 7th Path in my life. Sian Schofield, BA, PGCE, DHP, Manchester, UK

With the 5-PATH® layout, you can use this technique to clear up just about anything a client comes in for. Chuck Frank, CH, Hypnotist San Diego, CA

5-PATH® brings the professional level of hypnosis to new and significantly higher standards. Steve Gruber, BS, MA Quebec, CA

To read more reviews from hypnosis professionals who have learned 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® go to our hypnosis training feedback page.

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